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Love and terroir

Established in the region since time immemorial, we are the descendants of a line of ploughmen-winemakers; we gradually became exclusively winemakers when vines replaced the other crops.

Paul and Marie-Louise Leredde, my parents, started selling Champagne around 1960 through a cooperative. I started to make my own Champagne in 1979, and gradually left the cooperative.

Our estate consists of a 7 ha vineyard located in the Marne Valley, where we cultivate the three main Champagne grape varieties.

We use sustainable viticulture practices, such as grass cover and tillage, in order to limit the use of weedkillers.

Know-how and ageing

From harvesting to bottling, from disgorging to marketing, each stage is carried out with the greatest respect for the Champagne tradition; several prizes and distinctions have rewarded our work.

We only sell our own production, which has allowed us to join the Independent Winegrowers Association.